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6 Jun


Stainless pipe

Stainless pipe

Stainless steel has such a widely diverse usage among alloys. The use of stainless pipe, tube and bar is usually for heat exchange, fluid transportation and desalination and it is used in so many different industries, proving just how effective it is as an industrial material. Thos alloy of 10.5 to 11 percent chromium by mass is used by industries including aerospace, oil and natural gas, engineering and construction. Its durability, tolerance for high temperature, luster and its stain and corrosion resistance (the reason for its name, Corrosion Resistance Steel or CRES) makes it a very effective material in various processes and functions.

What are the Types of Stainless Steel?

There are different kinds of stainless steel, and each difference makes it a more apt material for a different kind of function. There is the Austenitic type which is the stainless steel with nickel. The nickel on it gives it a non-magnetic quality and makes it less brittle at low temperatures. Next, there is the Ferretic kind which has iron added on it and is better for engineering but has a relatively lower corrosion resistance. And, lastly is the Martensitic which is lesser in corrosion resistance but is extremely strong and tough due to its carbon content.

Stainless Pipe and Tube

The Stainless Pipe and Tube is used for mostly for fluid transportation. Thin-walled, the stainless tube is mostly used for low pressure fluids while the stainless pipe is designed to work with high pressure fluids. These materials are used in many different industries that include food processing and beverages, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, chemical processing, heat exchange, fire equipment and agriculture.

The types of the stainless tube and pipe are welded ornamental tubing (ASTM 554), welded stainless pipe (ASTM A312), seamless tubing (ASTM A213/A269/ASTM A511) and welded stainless tube (ASTM A249/ASTM A269).

Stainless Bar

Stainless bars are known as a very good construction material because of its strength. The following are the types in which they come:

  • Austenitic
  • Martensitic
  • Duplex (A mix of austenitic and ferretic.)
  • Precipitation Hardening (a treatment of aging used on the fabricated part of the alloy in order to achieve higher strength and corrosion resistance.)

Some examples of these stainless bars are the following: ASTM A484, ASTM A582, ASTM 276, ASTM A182, ASTM A193, ASTM A582, ASTM A314, ASTM A564 and ASTM A479.

An Efficient Way of Purchasing Stainless Steel

Global Material Exchange or GMEX, aside from being known worldwide as a top of the line provider of semi-finished industrial materials, has revolutionized the material purchasing system by establishing the first ever online market for industrial metals. From major distributors to contractors, from the aerospace industry to local construction, GMEX’s online purchasing system creates a venue for a more efficient and convenient way of getting your industrial material needs. Our goal is to develop a community that is united and can self-sustain the interactions between buying and seeing, and where anonymity can be trusted and products of good quality are always within reach!

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