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Importance Of An Alloy Bar In The 21st Century

12 Sep

With a choice of several different grades available for large number of applications, alloy bars made from metals like carbon and iron really has attributes that allows it to be used for large and wide range of applications, which includes domestic uses like drinking cups, water bottles and industrial applications like alloy bar pins, engine components and so on.


Today, you can easily find amazing looking sky high buildings in your locality. Have you ever wondered how they are standing so tall? Well, it’s solely because of premium construction materials like alloy bars, which are used for making varied structures and frames during the construction of these huge and complex structures. Steel alloy, which is made from carbon and iron is the most common material used in the construction of these buildings.

Applications Of Alloy Bars

An alloy is a complex and uniform mixture of two or more metals. It offers several superior chemical and physical attributes. These include high strength, malleability, and resistance to corrosion and high pressures and so on.  This is why, steel, an alloy of carbon and iron is the most suitable material for providing long and strong support to the concrete structures in buildings. In more simple words, it is the first choice of contractors and builders for the construction of residential buildings, commercial establishments and other infrastructures like bridges, railway lines and so on.

Benefits Of Using Alloy Bars

One of the several benefits of using an alloy bar is that they are easy to carry and transport from one place to another. They also help to reduce the overall costs of construction or other ongoing project. As steel alloy bars don’t react with harmful chemical and can’t be oxidized easily, they also offer health benefits to the environment and workers engaged with them. Few of the commonly used products that include bars in one or the other specification are angles, unequal angles, various types of sections and many others.


Alloy pipe

Industrial Applications Of Alloy Bars

Alloy bars are also used to serve the diverse industrial needs in various sectors. However, you should ensure that alloy bar you are using for your personal or industrial requirements is manufactured by expert professionals in accordance with the norms and regulations set by the industry. This assures higher reliability, stability and durability of the structures where you are using these alloy bars.  Mild alloy steel and carbon alloy steel squares is one of the highly in-demand products in industrial sector. They offer high dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance and long life span. You can get these square bars in shapes, size and grades as per your particular requirements.

Mild steel channels comprise yet another range of highly popular alloy bar products in the industrial sector.  These are manufactured using high quality steel so that high strength and excellent finish can be achieved with these products. Usually, these are supplied to construction and automotive industries. They are also used in making railway tracks and providing support to various types of structures. They are highly affordable and available in various specifications.

So, now you all about the steel alloy bars and how innovative and cost effective they can be to your construction and other industrial or domestic requirements.




7 Aug

Gmex –A Unique Metal Solution

The semi-finished metal is the most important requirement for industrial purposes as well as for the aerospace industry. Gmex is one such big company that deals with semi-finished quality metals. This one of the most amazing and unique company, they do not operate like normal companies. They have a unique operating system. Unlike other metal provider companies, they operate virtually.

16271037-steel-metal-tube-isolated-on-white-backgroundThis company does not cater to any single market. They are ready to have business throughout the country. They are totally dealing into a unique concept. They have a virtual shopping concept even for semi-finished metals. They have special services available to all their customers. Gmex has all set for the different types of customers belonging to different industries.

Gmex have a proper online portal through which purchasers can go through each and every product. They can properly clarify the list of different types of metals available and can order as per their requirements. Gmex has a diligent team and they work hard to satisfy their customers. As soon as they receive orders they work hard to fulfill the orders. They have service centers throughout the country to provide proper their value services to the customers.

It does not fulfill requirements of a single industry. Rather they take up orders from different industries. They have numerous suppliers in different industries including aerospace industry, oil and gas, mineral and mining construction and heavy machinery. These industries require a high quality semi-finished metal that serves as raw material for them. If the purchasers are considering taking it Gmex they can be assured about the quality.

Gmex is one global company with high dreams. They want to develop a strengthened, united and innovative structure that makes an interactive marketplace for buying and selling the semi-finished metal products. This will ensure the transparency and quality products in the market. Also it will provide a range of metals available in the market. So, this is just very easy market for the customer. All they need to do is just need to have a requirement and match that requirement on the website. After that just order it and it will be one’s working place.

aerospace MetalThis system has great benefits.

  • First of all it is very easy to use that is one can get whatever they want just on a website they do have to search market for high quality metals.
  • Secondly it is one stop shopping that is one can get their requirement by just one click. Thirdly the company Gmex will provide quick service. This is a time saving and as well as money saving process.

This big company is a team of highly professional people who work dedicatedly for successful business. They have proper arrangements of data management, technological advancement, an open perspective and also a total commitment towards the customers. They work together to maintain harmony, good business between new customers and buyers. They strive to provide efficient services to all the customers. Thus Gmex is a great and unique company to work with and get high quality semi-finished metals.

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GMEX sells best alloy pipe

6 Aug

Stainless_steel_tube_Stainless_steel_pipeThe main component of carbon alloy 4140 is carbon. Carbon is the main element responsible for the different physical and metallurgical characteristics of an alloy. When the carbon content is more, the alloy is harder. It is made stronger too with the different heat treatments which are used in metallurgical industry. When the alloy pipe is treated at such high temperatures, the melting point of the alloy is lowered which makes it better for use in different manufacturing units.

However, the product made is comparatively less durable than other metals and its weldability property also gets reduced. On the other side, this lack increases its hardenability. Hardenability is more to your advantage for the reason that the exterior has good quality wear characteristics and keeps the core sturdy.

The different heat treatment processes used to change the distinctive chemical and physical features of steel to create some particular alloy pipe of your need. Annealing, quenching, and tempering are the commonly used methods to do it.

  • Annealing is done to soften the metal by heating the steel at extremely high temperature, heating above the austenite temperature (or UC) until the composition is homogeneous.
  • When you need to strengthen the iron-based alloy more, Tempering is used.  This is done post-hardening. When the metal is heated at a moderately lower temperature than hardening, the alloy loses surplus hardness. Further tempering will lead to a more pliable and fracture-resistant steel.
  • Quenching is the process where the highly heated work piece is cooled rapidly with the help of water or oil, to attain some particular degrees of properties like hardness, brittleness, weldability, etc. This procedure decreases the crystalline attributes and thus adds to the hardiness of alloys. Moreover it gives you a strong but brittle marten site structure.

Carbon alloy AISI 4140 can be reinforced to between 18 and 22 Rockwell. This has the

  • yield power of 417.1 MPa,
  • an elongation constant of 25.7 percent, and
  • Tensile strength of 644 MPa.

Carbon alloy 4140 is distinguished especially because of its toughness, incredible torsional strength, and remarkable fatigue strength. AISI 4140 lasts longer than many other metals and its deteriorating rate is also very low.

The types of carbon alloy can be distinctively classified into mild carbon steel, low carbon steel and high carbon steel. Among these three, mild carbon steel is the most widespread form of steel. It is low cost and has fitting qualities for manifold uses. The stiffness of mild carbon steel can be improved by carburizing. With carburizing, carbon content on the direct surface is added. Low carbon steel has lower carbon content and is easier to handle therefore. Medium carbon alloy, which is most extensively used in various fields including large projects and for forging and automotive components, have a balanced mix of ductility, strength, and has great wear opposition. Finally, hard carbon alloy steel is mostly used for springs and high-strength wires.

Alloy pipe A53 is welded or seamless pipe and alloy pipe A106 is seamless GR B or Gr C with a 30% highest carbon content. An alloy pipe can be applied for use in rolls, machines parts, and pipe for carrying liquid or gases.

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The advantages of steel tube

16 Jul

In usual metal study or metallurgy, steel tube is a durable, ductile and malleable alloy of steel with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass.  This alloy does not easily corrode and is almost stain proof staining and only stains when exposed to very low oxygen conditions, extremes of salinity, and unsuitable atmospheric surroundings. It is also called corrosion resistant steel or CRES as it does not contain a lot of iron and hence does not rust very easily. Steel tube, wires, bars, rods, plates et cetera can all be used in various industries in thousand different methods for lots of things. It can be used as a base in different processing plants and it can also become a part of a final product which undergoes a lot of change – both chemical and physical. It can also be used in pipelines to transport water, oil, gas, chemicals, and so on.


Advantages of Steel Tube

  • These stainless tubes can be used widely in parts of machinery as the end products, or in the processing medium as mentioned above.
  • These tubes can also be utilized for food and beverage processing because it is an integral part of the machines used in the making of processed food items which are a rage in the market – place.
  • Another advantage is that they can also be used in pharmaceuticals for manufacturing pressure systems and in bio – technology which is defined as the process of using micro – organisms in industry, for the making of food, medication, wine, alcohol, drugs et cetera.
  • These alloy tubes can also be used in marine missiles and in construction
  • They are also very, very popular in the manufacture of chemicals and in the oil and gas industries.
  • They are very light and resistant and therefore are very dependable if you want a construction material.
  • These are used to manufacture domestically used cookware like cutlery, as well as sinks, saucepans, washing machine drums, microwave oven liners, razor blades et cetera.
  • These tubes are also used in architectural and civic engineering like in the making of claddings, handrails, door and window fittings, street furniture, structural fittings, masonry supports, et cetera.
  • These particular tubes are also used in the transportation industry as they are employed in the making of exhaust systems, trim and car grilles, ship containers, tanks, refuse vehicles and so on and so forth.
  • These tubes are used in the medical industry as well to manufacture surgical instruments and MRI scanners as stainless steel has always been a hit when it comes to medical surgical instruments as well as kitchen cutlery.
  • These tubes are also used in water sewage treatment plants, in water tubing, and also in some hot water tanks.

They are also used in general for the manufacturing of screws, nuts, bolts, -the works (you get it).


There are many advantages in using stainless tube for various purposes. First of all, they are made of stainless steel which is in itself a fantastic metal alloy for construction as well as general purposes. They are generally stain as well as corrosion resistant. They are quite Durable and are relatively recyclable as compared to other alloys. Thus, stainless tubes from good companies (like Gmex), are the perfect choice if you want quality without burning a hole in your pocket.

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The best aerospace metal for the flying world

13 Jul


Aerospace engineering is the category of science, technology and industry which is concerned with both aviations as well as space – craft. It is regarded to be one of the most important and primary branch of engineering which has a lot to do with research, inventions, construction, design, development, and much, much more of space shuttles and airplanes. This particular branch of science and technology is further sub – divided into two categories called aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering, having to do with air craft and space craft respectively. The aerospace metal most popularly used in the construction of aero planes and space shuttles is titanium. However, the other metals used in this particular field are not very different from the ones used in other industries like the transportation and communication. Strong metals are required if they are to be used in aerospace and aircrafts.

Some typical aerospace metal are:

  • Aluminum and aluminum alloys are very popular in the aerospace industry as they have a low density which contributes by not adding to the excessive bulk weight of the aero planes.
  • Steel alloys are also used extensively in the manufacturing of aero planes. Almost all of the alloys of steel have something or the other to do with space shuttles and airplanes. Then be it carbon steel or an alloy of aluminum steel or nickel steel: all are very important in this particular industry.
  •   Then comes nickel and molybdenum steel. These steels are primarily used for the strength they provide to the aircraft to bear the extremes of weight and air pressure at that altitude. Apart from providing strength, they are also low in density and thus do not add to the bulk of the air craft. They are primarily used in the hydraulic components and the engine components of the aero planes and are generally made to work on the principle of the hydraulic machines.
  • Also used are carbon steels, especially of the 11xx, 12xx, and 13xx types. They are used in the applications of bracket fasting, and also for securing hardware and other delicate components.
  • Some other metals used in the astronautical and aeronautical engineering are brass and the ever – popular stainless steel.
  • The other aerospace metal used is Inconel and even Monel.
  • The other metals which are rarely used are copper and even its alloys.
  • The advantages of using metals in aerospace engineering:

aerospace Metal

The use of metals in aerospace engineering has slowly and gradually become very extensive as these metals can resist corrosion and damage even under extreme conditions. They do not get affected by oxidation and hence do not decay very easily. They provide mechanical protection and safety to the air craft as they are extremely hard and do not get damaged by the extreme pressure in which aircrafts fly. Precious metals like platinum and titanium meet these requirements for the coating of turbines and engines.

We should always consult experts before we buy any such aerospace metal. Good companies like Gmex provide strong material for all such industries. Thus, we can see that aerospace metal is slowly becoming an industry which is growing and reaching the peak of its development.

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Quality and right element gives good results hence choose good quality aerospace metal

12 Jul

Aerospace construction and manufacturing process need highly competent resources. Buying standardized structural aerospace metals from expert sources with a track record of impeccable and consistent performances ensures time saving and profitable results.

Aerospace Metal

The demand for metals in the aerospace industry is fairly large as there is a constant need for new aircrafts and latest technologies. The process of manufacturing aircrafts requires high degrees of precision. Thus the use of superior quality materials is pertinent. Good quality aerospace metals are available for such usages.

While purchasing the metals care must be taken to buy from a reputed source as they have the knowledge and experience. A steady and committed global material exchange platform with explicit suppliers and service centers provides an enriching experience to buyers. They can source the best quality aerospace metal without any time-consuming procedures, thus increasing their chances of reducing costs and making profits.

GMEX also provides commendable support to the buyers by helping them source metals that are not in their list. This also saves the buyer’s time. They have a learning center where buyers can find more about the industry. They have conversion calculators and facilities to help the buyers compare the variants in real time. They share the latest industry news to keep the buyers up to date with new developments.

Steel is one of the primary metals that is used extensively in the aerospace industry. Due to its durability and non-corrosive, stain resistant and malleable properties it is used in the manufacture of components for aircrafts and for building structures. It is beneficial if the buyers buy steel from GMEX as the metal is sold at a good price without any compromises on quality.

images (8) has been supplying structural metal to various manufacturing and engineering industries for years. They have made an effort to build their image and take care to maintain it too. They value the buyer’s time and ensure that all metals are delivered without delays. If the metal is not found on their list they ensure that they source it for their buyers. The company has a track record of extending maximum support to buyers through their help desks and service centers.

Hence we can know that GMEX is the correct option as for certain elements that are a bit harder to find and is unavailable at GMEX’s stock they have a special offer for the clients. They provide exclusive sourcing and consulting services that is free of cost for all the clients of GMEX. They have a team that contains customer satisfaction experts who are always ready to provide assistance in finding the right source on your behalf. And if you are a buyer in aerospace industry, you can definitely search for a good number of suppliers and service centers all over the country. GMEX not only helps you in searching the element but also sees to it that this element is added to their list for next time. So choose GMEX over other and hence save your time and money.

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Buy Stainless Pipe, Tube and Bar Online!

6 Jun


Stainless pipe

Stainless pipe

Stainless steel has such a widely diverse usage among alloys. The use of stainless pipe, tube and bar is usually for heat exchange, fluid transportation and desalination and it is used in so many different industries, proving just how effective it is as an industrial material. Thos alloy of 10.5 to 11 percent chromium by mass is used by industries including aerospace, oil and natural gas, engineering and construction. Its durability, tolerance for high temperature, luster and its stain and corrosion resistance (the reason for its name, Corrosion Resistance Steel or CRES) makes it a very effective material in various processes and functions.

What are the Types of Stainless Steel?

There are different kinds of stainless steel, and each difference makes it a more apt material for a different kind of function. There is the Austenitic type which is the stainless steel with nickel. The nickel on it gives it a non-magnetic quality and makes it less brittle at low temperatures. Next, there is the Ferretic kind which has iron added on it and is better for engineering but has a relatively lower corrosion resistance. And, lastly is the Martensitic which is lesser in corrosion resistance but is extremely strong and tough due to its carbon content.

Stainless Pipe and Tube

The Stainless Pipe and Tube is used for mostly for fluid transportation. Thin-walled, the stainless tube is mostly used for low pressure fluids while the stainless pipe is designed to work with high pressure fluids. These materials are used in many different industries that include food processing and beverages, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, chemical processing, heat exchange, fire equipment and agriculture.

The types of the stainless tube and pipe are welded ornamental tubing (ASTM 554), welded stainless pipe (ASTM A312), seamless tubing (ASTM A213/A269/ASTM A511) and welded stainless tube (ASTM A249/ASTM A269).

Stainless Bar

Stainless bars are known as a very good construction material because of its strength. The following are the types in which they come:

  • Austenitic
  • Martensitic
  • Duplex (A mix of austenitic and ferretic.)
  • Precipitation Hardening (a treatment of aging used on the fabricated part of the alloy in order to achieve higher strength and corrosion resistance.)

Some examples of these stainless bars are the following: ASTM A484, ASTM A582, ASTM 276, ASTM A182, ASTM A193, ASTM A582, ASTM A314, ASTM A564 and ASTM A479.

An Efficient Way of Purchasing Stainless Steel

Global Material Exchange or GMEX, aside from being known worldwide as a top of the line provider of semi-finished industrial materials, has revolutionized the material purchasing system by establishing the first ever online market for industrial metals. From major distributors to contractors, from the aerospace industry to local construction, GMEX’s online purchasing system creates a venue for a more efficient and convenient way of getting your industrial material needs. Our goal is to develop a community that is united and can self-sustain the interactions between buying and seeing, and where anonymity can be trusted and products of good quality are always within reach!

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